Modern Buildings in Britain
Architectural Photography


Modernism is now a century old, and its consequences are all around us, built into our everyday lived environments. Its place in Britain's history is fiercely contested, and its role in our future is the subject of ongoing controversy - but modernist buildings have undoubtedly changed our cities, politics and identity forever.


With more than six hundred pages of trenchantly opinionated, often witty analysis, and with three hundred photographs in duotone and colour, Modern Buildings in Britain is a landmark contribution to the history of British architecture.


Reviews & Press
Pamela Buxton, RIBAJ / Hugh Pearman, RIBAJ  / Darran Anderson, Elephant / Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian / Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times / Wallpaper* / Helen Barrett, Spectator / Rowan Moore, Observer / Jonathan Meades, Literary Review


- Client: Penguin Books
- Published: April 2022
- Exhibition:
Gareth Gardner Gallery / Print Sales

Model Villages of the Nottinghamshire Coalfield
Book & Guidebooks

Only traces of the Nottinghamshire coal-mining industry remain but what have survived are the colliery villages. Together they reflect the evolution of mining in the region and the ambition of the colliery companies who built them. The colliery villages were crucial to this enterprise; their plan and form were designed to secure profits through paternalist means.


The geographic scope has been set by the Miner2Major Landscape Partnership Scheme, which is managed by Nottinghamshire County Council and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


Book: Model Villages / Guide 1: Annesley / Guide 2: Bestwood / Guide 3: Newstead / Guide 4: Warsop Vale / Guide 5: Rainworth / Guide 6: Bilsthorpe / Guide 7: Clipstone / Guide 8: Edwinstowe / Guide 9: Ollerton


  • Client: Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Book & Guides: online & in print (soon)
  • Published: Spring/Summer 2022

The Promenade Heritage Project
Report, Design & Publicity Material

In 1973 The Promenade, Robin Hood Terrace and Campbell Grove were officially designated as a General Improvement Area, which saved these streets from the wrecking the ball and endowed the City of Nottingham with an impressive heritage. This heritage spans over 160 years and gives insight to some of the city’s most debated issues; such as the 1845 Enclosure Act, the rise of lace industry, the wholesale clearances of the 1970s and the rise of the conservation movement.


This project has been funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Nottingham City Homes, marking the refurbishment of 16 listed houses by Nottingham City Homes.


  • Client: Nottingham City Homes
  • Available online & print

Plant Blindness Exhibition
Visual Identity & Publicity Material


Plant Blindness by Jason Singh is a unique and immersive sound installation which uses naturally occurring ‘biodata’ from plants to create a musical composition.


Jason Singh was invited to create an auditory response to The Camellia House at Wollaton Hall.  Initially drawn to the beautiful architecture and acoustics of the glass house, a short residency enabled Singh to develop his ideas and he became inspired by the conditions in which the Camellia plants are grown.


- Client: Nottingham City Museums
- Material: Poster, Brochures, Banners, Signage & Panels
- Date: 21 September 2019 – Spring 2020
- Location: The Camellia House, Wollaton Hall

100 Years of Council Housing
Book, Guide Booklet & Exhibition

"Council housing: the key to a
more equitable and dynamic society"
Inside Housing, July 2019

This revised book, guide booklet and exhibition shows how the streets of Nottingham provide an excellent example of this council housing story, from slums that originated in the eighteenth century, to the pioneering estates of the 1920s and the Decent Homes Standard of the present era.


Created on the occasion of the centenary of the 1919 Addison Act, a Nottingham City Homes project. Written and designed by Chris Matthews.


  • Client: Nottingham City Homes
  • Second Edition Book, available in print, pdf & ebook
  • Guide Booklet, available in print & pdf